Clever marketing and gaming concept – yet can’t help but go *sigh*

(Pokemon image source: Patrick Meider, Adobe Stock). The Pokemon Go idea is a clever marketing, gaming, augmented reality and social behavior idea (with an interesting implication and complication that will require studying cohabitation between real and augmented realities, as in the case of the Auschwitz museum mishap), but I can’t help but remind myself of a… Continue reading Clever marketing and gaming concept – yet can’t help but go *sigh*

Would Aristotle have enjoyed l’Anti-Café?

(Originally published on LinkedIn Post) What do Elon Musk, Google X Moonshots projects and the Montreal’s first Anti Café have in common? Aristotle’s First Principle Thinking is the answer. Mr. Musk explains it very well: I think it is important to reason from first principles rather than by analogy. The normal way we conduct our lives… Continue reading Would Aristotle have enjoyed l’Anti-Café?

A very innovative approach to education

(Image source: faith, Adobe Stock Photo, Blog originally posted on LinkedIn Pulse).   Have you heard of the Holberton school in San Francisco? Using  project-based learning and  peer learning, [its] mission is to train the best software engineers of their generation. Rudy Rigot, one of the co-founder of the school, said something very interesting in this interview : The selection… Continue reading A very innovative approach to education

Baby steps are better than Big Miraculous Giant Ones

First of all, because a Big Miraculous Giant (BMG) step does not exist. Death taps on your left shoulder I faced death once when I was young. I faced it again on April 26th 2013, when a car hit me while I was biking. Realizing, after becoming airborne at 30 km/h for 2/3 of the… Continue reading Baby steps are better than Big Miraculous Giant Ones

An Ikigai Index KPI

Practicing Tai-Ji and Kyudo (a Zen Archery Active Meditation), I stumbled upon the concept of “Ikigai”. (Source: inspired by the work of Nimbosa derived from works by Dennis Bodor (SVG) and Emmy van Deurzen (JPG) –, CC BY-SA 4.0, Ikigai (生き甲斐, pronounced [ikiɡai]) is aJapanese concept meaning “a reason for being”. Everyone, according to… Continue reading An Ikigai Index KPI

Story – A life changing seminar by Robert McKee

I recently attended Mr. McKee’s 3 days seminar ( on story, screenwriting, character development, scene construction, etc.

And I was simply blown away.

To the point where I couldn’t explain in words what I had felt, a life changing experience, so I decided to make a video instead. I hope the video is more able to express what I have felt.